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Small press, saddle-stitched, archival quality.


Many times now, in my joy, I have confided in a stranger, an acquaintance, that I am an author of a political pamphlet, to be met with the spontaneous question of “What is it about?”  I have struggled on several occasions, all occasions in fact, to answer, and walk away with the feeling of being a fool in their eyes.  My answer always guarded, they are political poems and then I stop, a selection of poems and then I regret the word selection.  Once a barstool away I was asked: who are they for?  And then I realized my next answer on any occasion should be complete (as the political poems are), that answer I reveal to you now: “The Political Poems of Andrew Mitchell Schaeffer” are an intellectual argument.  The rest I leave to you my reader.


“The slow, hard pace of learning in the accessible format of poetry.”          

cover illustrated

  1. 28 page printed pamphlet of poetry.
  2. 12 page printed leaflet of prose. 

Delivery restricted to U.S.A.