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Restoring A pipeline of knowledge To Freedom.

Poet/Fine Artist

An unfamiliar berth, moored successfully.

since 1999

Self-published chapbooks


If you are lost come in, I will help you find your way, not on my path but on your path, your proper path, I will inspire you to be you.

“The Poet Exporter of American Ideals”

Andrew Mitchell Schaeffer



“A world of harpies, and I’m involved; / With every mystery that I solve.” — Andrew Mitchell Schaeffer; ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Schaeffer summarizes this point, however briefly, in a poem entitled “The Present Time”; which remains unpublished and complimentary to this website, Copyright 1999. “I was the batter dignified, / I heard the pitch go whizzin’ by; / And if it was my Heart to swell, / I’d knock that pitch straight thru to Hell!”

I think the good Lord propels us onto the path we want in Life for ourselves, and then Judges us on that path. —AMS

The piQuet

“Lost Cause” copyrighted 1999, not included.