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Poet/Fine Artist

An unfamiliar berth, moored successfully.

since 1999

Self-published chapbooks


If you are lost come in, I will help you find your way, not on my path but on your path, your proper path, I will inspire you to be you.

“The Poet Exporter of American Ideals”

Andrew Mitchell Schaeffer


Straight and Narrow

“A world of harpies, and I’m involved; / With every mystery that I solve.” — Andrew Mitchell Schaeffer; ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Schaeffer summarizes this point, however briefly, in a poem entitled “The Present Time”; which remains unpublished and complimentary to this website, Copyright 1999. “I was the batter dignified, / I heard the pitch go whizzin’ by; / And if it was my Heart to swell, / I’d knock that pitch straight thru to Hell!”

“Lost Cause” Copyright 1999, not included. AUTHOR’S INSCRIPTION & “Unsaid Oath of Artist” Copyright 2008, not included in pamphlets.

The piQuet